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Archaeological discoveries at Har Karkom

"This web site contains in full the book The Riddle of Mount Sinai - Archaeological Discoveries at Har Karkom by Emmanuel Anati, the Mission Survey Report, and the Corpus describing over 1200 archeological sites. The author generously released it to the web in order to enable thousands of students, biblists, archeologists, and appasionates to fully understand Har Karkom findings and facts as contained in the book. First English Edition, 2001. Revised and updated text from the original title: HAR KARKOM, 20 ANNI DI RICERCHE ARCHEOLOGICHE, 1999. Translation and editing by the author with the collaboration of Valeria Damioli, Liz Nussbaum and Kathryn Pickles. The archaeological expedition to Har Karkom is carried on within the frame of the Italian Archaeological Project in Israel, with the support of the Direzione Generale Relazioni Culturali, Ministero Italiano Degli Affari Esteri. The photographic archive is supported by CIPHS, International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies. "

Author(s):  Anati, Emmanuel
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici
Pages:  200
ISBN:  88-86621-15-9