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A Sasanian Seal Collection in Context

"Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative Publication of the Edward Gans Collection at University of California, Berkeley...This Internet publication highlights a collection of Sasanian sealstones and presents them in the context of the Sasanian Empire. The sealstone collection is documented in "Sasanian Seals from the Collection of the Late Edward Gans, at the University of California, Berkeley" by Guitty Azarpay, Et. al. The publication includes two methods of navigation. The first is a website that includes a method of searching the seal collection and seeing the related resources from a text based browser. The second is using the TimeMap time and place viewers to access the resources from within a visual map based environment. These multiple access methods are included in order to provide a wide audience with the type of access best suited to their technical and network access capabilities and information needs..."

Author(s):  Azarpay, Guitty; Zerneke, Jeannette
Format:  Website
Publisher:  Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
Publication City:  Berkeley