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CSA, the Center for the Study of Architecture/Archaeology

"CSA, the Center for the Study of Architecture/Archaeology, is devoted to advancing the use of digital technologies in the service of architectural history, archaeology, and related discipline... CSA''s aim is to encourage appropriate uses of information technology by those involved in research in archaeology and architectural history - and those who will need the fruits of that research. The key word is appropriate. Particularly in these early stages of the digital era it is not easy to know how best to use the new power that has become available to us. Nor is it obvious which technology will turn out to be the best and most appropriate for a given use. Perhaps most important, it is all but impossible to predict which specific approaches to using digital information will thrive and which will turn out to have been dead ends. It is CSA''s mission to help guide users and potential users of information technologies so that, at the least, they can make well-considered choices in these poorly charted waters."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Center for the Study of Architecture/Archaeology
Publication City:  Bryn Mawr