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British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan (BMSAES)

"British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan is an initiative taken by the Department to encourage electronic publication of research. The growth and increasing acceptance of the Internet within the academic community means that it is now possible to publish the results of research in media other than paper. There will always be a place for the conventional publication in book form for many types of work, but there are some areas in which the more rapid appearance of article-length papers offered through the World Wide Web will be of increasing importance... Thus the Department is now offering colleagues the chance to publish scholarly research through the British Museum''s web server. Topics can cover any of the subject areas normally associated with Ancient Egypt and the Sudan and related issues. There does not have to be a connection with the British Museum in the article for it to be considered for publication. We will not publish an article about material which may be considered as looted...."

Format:  Journal
Publisher:  British Museum
Publication City:  London