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The Johns Hopkins/University of Amsterdam Joint Expedition to Tell Umm el-Marra, Syria

"In 1994, the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Amsterdam inaugurated a long-term program of archaeological research based at Umm el-Marra, located in the Jabbul plain of western Syria. The primary goal of the project is the investigation of the emergence, development, and episodes of decline of a west Syrian urban society from the Early to the Late Bronze periods (ca. 3000-1200 BC). In the 1970’s, excavations at Ebla revealed that western Syria witnessed the birth of a distinctive urban civilization in the third millennium BC. Study of the development of this civilization furnishes an important new perspective on the rise of cities and states in the Near East, providing an alternative to the traditional paradigms from Mesopotamia and Egypt..."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Near Eastern Studies
Publication City:  Baltimore