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Old Babylonian Text Corpus

"Cuneiform Circle is a circle of scientists involved in Old Babylonian Akkadian Language. Our main current aim is to create an Old Babylonian Text Corpus, an Old Babylonian Dictionary and a List of Old Babylonian Cuneiform Signs. The Old Babylonian Text Corpus (OBTC) comprises a large text database of the Old Babylonian Akkadian Language (currently more than 50000 text lines). All texts are available for full-text searching. In addition to providing an Old Babylonian Akkadian / English Dictionary, morphological forms in texts are also partially linked to the dictionary. Our service includes unique searchable lists of Old Babylonian Signs as used in the autographies of selected period documents, letters and narrative texts. The work on the project is still in progress. We have started in 1988-89 and have accomplished significant advances since. We are currently working towards completing the project and are continuously improving the quality of our database."

Author(s):  Cuneiform Circle
Format:  Website