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The Iraq War & Archaeology: An Archaeos, Inc., Documentation and Information Project

"Archaeology, antiquities smuggling, nationalism, colonialism, politics and related issues have always been closely intertwined in the Land Between the Two Rivers. This site serves to explore, expand and encourage the study of and dialogue about these issues. First come the most interesting articles (II.) and sundry bits of info that I have gathered recently. The previously-added articles are on the separate archive pages. Bear in mind that some of the links will gradually become obsolete as web sites either take down or move articles/photos/videos or shift materials to paying sections of their sites. For copyright reasons, I generally can only link, not provide actual copies or downloads. Third, I review the relevant web sites (III.). On a separate page, The Iraq War & Archaeology. Satire & Humor, I have gathered some of the subtle and less-subtle examples of satire and cartoons on the subject. Finally, a list of professional organizations'' appeals to the powers that be in 2003 is to be found on a separate page."

Author(s):  Deblauwe, Francis
Format:  Blog
Publisher:  Institut für Orientalistik der Universität Wien
Publication City:  Vienna
Date:  2003-