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A Regional Approach to Archaeology on the Madaba Plain: Random Survey and Settlement Patterns

"From its inception, the Madaba Plains Project has included hinterland surveys in its research design. This emphasis on a regional approach has led to the collection of a broad range of environmental and archaeological data for the regions of Tall Hisban, Tall al-Umayri, and Tall Jalul. As an example of the types of research being conducted, this paper focuses on the random sample survey in the vicinity of Tall Hisban. In order to document, understand, and reconcile contradictory settlement pattern data, this study uses a GIS to constructs trend surfaces representing settlement in the region. These surfaces suggest that antiquity sites remain under-represented in large parts of the Tall Hisban Hinterland."

Author(s):  Christopherson, Gary L
Format:  Presentation
Source:  Presented at the Annual Meetings of the American Schools of Oriental Research November, 1997 Napa, California