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A Preliminary Report on the Tall Jalul Surface Sherding Project

"A new surface survey project was launched at Tall Jalul, Jordan, during the 1994 field season. While surface surveys are not new to archaeology, the methodology and techniques implemented in this project were unique. The research was designed to explore the relationship between surface sherds and subsurface archaeological material remains. Utilizing a site-wide grid system of six by six meter squares, elevation data and pottery were systematically gathered. Analysis of these data was carried out within a geographic information system. This spatial database was used to document the distribution of surface sherds by period and form at Tall Jalul and to produce topographical maps and ceramic distribution maps."

Author(s):  Groves, Jennifer L.; Karen A. Borstad, & Gary L. Christopherson
Format:  Presentation
Date:  October 1997
Source:  Presented At: The Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November, 1995