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g-Megillot -- Scholarly discussion of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Orion Center for years served the scholarly community by providing an electronic forum for discussing the Dead Sea Scrolls and related topics. Regrettably, the discussion aspect of this Orion e-list was discontinued at the end of 2002, “due to a reshaping of the Orion Center and redistribution of center staff.” The old Orion list was relatively open, and its relevance for serious scholars declined over the years. The current e-list is intended to fill the void left by the changes in the Orion e-list. It is a forum for the scholarly discussion of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumran archaeology. Announcements of interest to participants (upcoming conferences, job postings, new resources) are welcome. The list owner is Ken Penner at or

Format:  Website
Publisher:  McMaster University
Publication City:  Hamilton ON