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The Leiden Texts

In the course of ten years (September 1993 through September 2003), Remco de Maaijer and Bram Jagersma maintained on a server of the University of Leiden a web site containing the most substantive data set of transliterations of cuneiform documents from 3rd millennium Babylonia generally available to scholars. From 1993 through 1996, their data set was augmented with transliterations of further published volumes of Ur III, Lagash II, and ED IIIb documents, comprising at that time ca. 270,000 lines of text ... in the summer of 1999, [they] were integrated into an SGML data base allowing the standardization of tablet format and the generation of simple glossaries.

Author(s):  de Maaijer, Remco and Bram Jagersma
Format:  Website
Publisher:  CDLI
Date:  2003