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Linear B at Cambridge

"The Mycenaean Epigraphy Group at Cambridge has a long tradition of Linear B scholarship, reaching back to the decipherment of the script in 1952 and its publication by Michael Ventris and John Chadwick in 1953. Cambridge has the single most important Linear B reference collection and archives in the world and remains a major research centre. Both undergraduate and graduate courses dedicated exclusively to the study of Linear B are offered annually. These pages seek to make information about Linear B and other Aegean Bronze Age scripts available to a wider audience. There is a history of the decipherment, illustrated with records from the Group’s unique archival holdings, general information about Linear B and access to fonts. Information about courses at Cambridge is being supplemented with on-line teaching materials generated by the Group. Some may be of use to those teaching Linear B who are not specialists in the subject, and teachers are warmly invited to access this material."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge
Publication City:  Cambridge
Date:  2003