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Reconstructing Ancient Egyptian Tombs

"From the pyramids of Giza to the tombs of Thebes (modern Luxor), ancient Egypt''s glorious history has produced remarkable architecture. Sadly, the nearly four million yearly tourists have taken a heavy toll on many of these ancient structures. Of particular concern are many of the tombs located opposite to Luxor on the western bank of the Nile. Digital reconstruction of these tombs has the potential to help document and preserve these important historical structures. Photographing and reconstruction of these tombs poses new and unique problems that this paper begins to address. Techniques for removing image distortions, recovering 3-D shape, and correcting for lighting imbalances are discussed. A complete reconstruction of the tomb of Sennedjem is shown."

Author(s):  Farid, Hany
Format:  Article
Date:  2001
Source:  The International Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Architecture, Dublin, Ireland, 2001