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"This homepage is intended to be an easily accessible tool providing basic information related to Old Kingdom archaeology and aiming at coverage of most of the relevant aspects.It will provide visitors with an up to date overviews of current projects, publications, institutions engaged in Old Kingdom projects, new and forthcoming publications and technological devices and methods used in the field.One of the main objectives is to disseminate knowledge of progress in Old Kingdom archaeology and, equally importantly, to make accessible in brief the latest excavation results of all of us working in Egypt.Furthermore, it will provide and develop a discussion platform for those taking an active part in Old Kingdom research and reduce the loss of information resulting from the existence of a variety of independent sources.Our target groups are Egyptologists, pre and postgraduate students of Egyptology and associated humanities subjects and the general academic public interested in this field.This homepage was begun in the spring 2002; as such it cannot aim at complete coverage of the subject from the very beginning."

Author(s):  Bárta, Miroslav
Format:  Website
Publisher:  Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University
Publication City:  Prague
Date:  2002-