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Field Testing ARC GRID-Based Archaeological Probability Models in Jordan

"Archaeology at Tall al-Umayri, Jordan, has revealed a mixed picture of settlement during the Iron Age I period. Excavation at Umayri revealed a heavily fortified urban center, while the hinterland survey found few contemporary supporting sites. Accordingly, the 2000 field survey concentrated on a directed search for additional Iron Age I sites. This search was guided by a predictive model created in ArcInfo software''s ARC GRID extension and increased the number of Iron Age I sites by 75 percent. This report will discuss the creation of the model, how the model was tested in the field, and the results of the test."

Author(s):  Christopherson, Gary L; Entz, Tisha K
Format:  Article
Publisher:  ESRI GIS and Mapping Software
Source:  ESRI GIS and Mapping Software: Online Papers on GIS in Archaeology