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The significance of Middle Nubian C-group mortuary variability, ca. 2200 B.C. to ca. 1500 B.C.

"Several twentieth century archaeological expeditions to Lower Nubia recovered the skeletal and cultural remains of C-Group populations mainly from cemetery sites between Shellal and the Second Cataract. Along with the remains of the more or less contemporary Pangrave and Kerma peoples, the C-Group archaeological sequence was assigned to the Middle Nubian Period which lasted from the Sixth to the Eighteenth Egyptian Dynasties and is dated from ca. 2200 B.C. to ca. 1500 B.C..."

Author(s):  Anderson, Wendy R. M. (Wendy Rose Marie)
Format:  Book
Publisher:  National Library of Canada = Bibliothèque nationale du Canada
Publication City:  Ottawa
Date:  [1999]
Source:  Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes
ISBN:  0612298752