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ETANA: Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives

ETANA is a cooperative venture of a consortium of scholarly societies and universities to develop and maintain a comprehensive Internet site for the study of the ancient Near East (ANE). Academic, library and technical staff of the partner organizations will collaborate to share intellectual and technical resources in the development of the project. The founding partners are * The American Oriental Society [AOS] * The American Schools of Oriental Research [ASOR] * Case Western Reserve University Library [CWRU] * The Cobb Institute of Archaeology at Mississippi State University * The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago [OI] * The Society of Biblical Literature [SBL] * The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University * Vanderbilt Divinity School and the Graduate Department of Religion * Vanderbilt Divinity LibraryETANA is envisioned to include the permanent archiving, dissemination and generation of both front- and back-end stages of scholarly knowledge (such as archaeological excavation reports, editions of ancient and modern texts, core early monographs, dictionaries, journals, and reports in the public domain), a portal to ANE Web resources, an electronic commons where scholars in the field can share data and images, and eventually an electronic publishing effort for "born digital" publications. ETANA will also collect and/or develop software required for the production of the Internet site in core areas identified by the planning committees and outlined herewith. Vanderbilt''s library will serve as the host technical site and grant administrator

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Publisher:  Vanderbilt University