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Association for the Protection of Afghan Archaeology

"Born in 1939 in Kabul, Professor Zemaryalai TARZI completed his studies under the supervision of Professor Daniel Schlumberger, obtaining three PhDs. From 1973 to 1979, he was Director General of Archaeology and Preservation of Historical Monuments of Afghanistan. He later directed the excavations in Bamiyan and Hadda on the sites of Tape Shotor and Tape Tope Kalan. As a result the statue of Heracles in the niche V2 of Tape Shotor was dated by him from the 2nd century A.D., contemporary with the schist sculptures of Gandhara. Exiled in France in 1979, he has been Professor of Eastern Archaeology at the Marc Bloch University of Strasbourg, France (Strasbourg II: previously University of Human Sciences) since. Professor Tarzi is the author of some sixty articles and books. Through this Association Professor Tarzi will assist in educating the younger generations as well as the older ones, by publishing childrens books as well as training young Archaeologists into becoming Professionals of the trowel and efficient restorers, providing them with the necessary tools and equipment thus giving hope and education to a country left in the dark for a quarter of a century of war. Raising awareness in the Afghan and International communities about the unique and beautiful Archeological and cultural contribution Afghanistan has given to the world and its protection is one of APAA’s goals. A goal which has been Professor Tarzi’s fervent mission for the past 40 years. He is presently Director for the French Archaeological Missions for the Surveys and Excavations of Bamiyan; after 25 years he has resumed his search for the great 1000 feet long reclining Buddha Statue since June 2002. This work is difficult given the complicated Toponymy of the site and the many landmines still silently poised in the ground."

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