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A Bibliography of Mesopotamian Astronomy and Astrology

"...This website offers a comprehensive bibliography of publications on Mesopotamian astronomy and astrology. When online editions are available, appropriate internet links are provided. In order to make this bibliography more useful, the references are grouped into related topics. Within each topic, the references are not listed alphabetically by author but are given in chronological order. In this way it is easier to focus on developments in a particular field of inquiry during a particular period. This bibliography is not restricted to the recent literature but an effort has been made to include the earlier literature as completely as possible. Although the earliest references are now outdated and largely erroneous, they show how our present understanding of the astral sciences of the Mesopotamians has evolved from the earliest days of Assyriology to the present day..."

Author(s):  van Gent, Robert Harry
Format:  Website
Publisher:  Universiteit Utrecht
Publication City:  Utrecht