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Archaeologists for Human Rights - Archäologen für Menschenrechte

"Archaeologists for Human Rights is convinced that the role of any human rights organization working in Iraq has to be to assist the Iraqi people with any vital issue that they, as a people, desire. Therefore, we wish to establish an infrastructure and communication network for future work on location; to find other excavators and specialized forensic anthropologists who can take on the responsibility of both excavation and documentation while training Iraqis to do the same; to make contacts with interested supporters; to seek and gain monetary support for our work.The success of this initial planning will make it possible for us to embark on a longterm program of excavation and training together with the Iraqi initiative. The end result will be the development of a coterie of local people with the skills to continue the program under their own leadership and with an infrastructure that will allow them access to colleagues as needs arise."

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