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Introduction to Akkadian

"Whoever learns a foreign language quickly understands that by learning this language, the corresponding culture can be understood much better and deeper. I really like the book that Caplice did, because unlike most of the rather modern "guides to akkadian" that I''ve seen, Caplice combines teaching the akkadian language and the sumerian cuneiform writing system, by which the scholar learns some basic sumerian at the same time, as well. You come to recognize cuneiform as a syllable based writing system, as well as a logographic one. Although one may think that you got the double load, I found the access to this book pretty easy. Learning success comes really fast and is complete and comprehensive. Thus I decided to make this book accessable to the public, for it is no longer available anywhere (please correct me if I''m mistaken)."

Author(s):  Caplice, Richard
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Gateways to Babylon