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The Collapse of the Indus-Script Thesis: The Myth of a Literate Harappan Civilization

"One of many obvious pieces of evidence against the ''Indus script'' model has to do with the extreme brevity of all known 4-5000 Indus insc;riptions. The longest is only 17 symbols long, and the average length of all inscriptions is under 4.6 signs long. The article discusses strong evidence against ''lost'' manuscript theories that have been used to rationalize the brevity of the inscriptions since the 1920s."

Author(s):  Farmer, Steve; Sproat, Richard; Witzel, Michael
Format:  Article
Source:  Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies (EJVS)
Volume Info:  13 December 2004
Volume:  11
Number:  2
Pages:  19-57