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iClay: Cuneiform Tablets on the Internet

"Visit this website to see 2D+ cuneiform tablets combined with (for thefirst time on the world wide web) Unicode cuneiform text...The technical requirements are high:Mac OS X 10.3.5 (Java 1.4.2, Safari 1.2.3)Windows XP (Java 1.4.2, Internet Explorer 6.0.2 or Firefox 1.0) Linux (we have seen some success on recent Linuxes). In addition, you will need a computer running in at least the gigahertz range over a fast network connection and having 256 mb of memory. These proof-of-concept technology demonstrations are just a peek at some of the exciting results emerging from the research and development efforts of the Digital Hammurabi Project and the Initiative for Cuneiform Encoding."

Author(s):  Snyder, Dean A
Format:  Website