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eTACT: electronic Translations of Akkadian Cuneiform Texts

"eTACT aims to be the definitive repository on the Web for translations of Akkadian materials. Through eTACT, scholars, students, and the general public gain convenient access to a wealth of information that otherwise can be difficult to discover. Visitors to the site can have confidence in the quality of the translations since they are prepared and edited by experts.The idea for this site arose at the Muenster Rencontre in 2006. The conception was to offer modern and reliable translations to non-specialists interested in the history and culture of the Ancient Near East. Transliteration of normalization from Akkadian are kept to a minimal and are to be used sparingly. A site that could be accessible to non-specialists via Google, but also useful to scholars in working in the field..."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  ETANA
Publication City:  Nashville
Date:  2007