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The Dead Sea Scrolls: Discussion And Research On The Dead Sea Scrolls

"...any scholar with a solid foundation in Qumran studies is welcome to registerat the site.A web forum is functionally quite different from a mailing list. In fact membersreceive no mail whatsoever. A member visits the internet site using a webbrowser to access any messages that might be of interest. Web forums have provento be a successful medium of communication in various technical andnon-specialist fields, and I believe this format can be successful in thecontacts of scholarly pursuit as well.Forums invariably present members with an index of topics, allowing members tofollow only those topics which they are interested in. The topics I have madeavailable include:* Texts (technical aspects)* Biblical Scrolls* Parabiblical Texts* Community related texts* Cult and Practice* Language Matters* Contexts* ArchaeologyIf you are only interested in one of these topics you never need to look at anyof the others..."

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