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Electronic publishing: the example of BMSAES

Electronic publication brings many new possibilities, but it also brings new problems, including such basic ones of how one ensures permanence of material published electronically. BMSAES is the new online ''journal'' of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan of the British Museum. This paper discusses many of the issues concerned with electronic publication and shows how some of them have been addresses in the example of BMSAES. [This paper was presented at the 2002 meeting of Informatique et Egyptologie in Pisa, and until now has only been available on a limited edition CD ROM of the proceedings. The paper has only been slightly reformatted for BMSAES, and the text has not been altered. Even though some of the technology and web sites mentioned in it will have changed, the issues raised are as valid in 2005 as in 2002. Most of the URLs are in fact still the same as in 2002; only one is apparently dead, and others have been relocated or changed their access methods. Ironically, one of those which has changed is that of BMSAES itself, which we were compelled to do by changes in the structure of the museum''s web site. This in itself supports the analysis of problems discussed in the paper!]

Author(s):  Strudwick, Nigel
Format:  Article
Publisher:  British Museum
Publication City:  London
Source:  British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan (BMSAES)
Volume Info:  Jan-04
Volume:  4