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Inscriptions of Aphrodisias Project

"Aphrodisias, a city in south-west Turkey, flourished from the second century BC until the early seventh century AD. The site, although not prominent in the historical record, has been well known since the early nineteenth century for its abundant sculptures and inscriptions, cut in the excellent local marble. Since the early 1960s an international team of archaeologists and epigraphers has worked on the excavations which are directed by New York University. Over 1,000 inscriptions are now known from the site, full of information both about the life of the city and that of the Roman Empire. The sheer volume of this material, and the wealth of documentation, almost defy publication in a conventional format. For this reason, the excavators and the epigraphers have been investigating the possibility of publishing the inscribed texts on the World Wide Web, in order both to exploit the full range of archaeological information, and to make the material widely available."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  King's College
Publication City:  London
Date:  2005