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Ugaritic Translation Software

"This Windows software is a beta release, written for my own studies . I am sending it out with limited distribution, email me for the password ( · The software contains: · 1389 transliterated Ugaritic tablets · Full concordance searching · A version of Cyrus Gordon''s dictionary · A second partial dictionary · A brute-force parser · Known bugs/issues: · After installation, you may need to restart Windows for the fonts to work · Searching backwards in the tablets not working · My transliteration fonts are only functional, not lovely · There is nothing like a user''s manual (yet) Some instructions are displayed on the first screen · Other problems are in the software, if you report them I''ll work on them as I can · I have a large "to do" list of my own, and will gladly take requests for enhancements"

Author(s):  Rives, Stephen S
Format:  Website
Publisher:  Stephen S. Rives
Date:  2005