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American Council for Cultural Policy

"The American Council for Cultural Policy, a public charity created in 2002 is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and understanding of issues and policies affecting the collecting of works of art by museums and private individuals in the United States and to research, gather and disseminate information relevant to such issues. The American Council is headquartered in New York City and also has a representative in Washington. As an operating entity, the Council includes a President, Ashton Hawkins, Vice President Arthur Houghton, Treasurer William Pearlstein, and Secretary Arielle Kozloff. The Council’s work is overseen by a Board of Advisors which includes scholars in the fields of history, art history and archaeology; museum officials including: directors, administrators, curators, and trustees; art collectors; distinguished representatives of not-for-profit and other public service organizations; and legal specialists in art and the international art trade. The Council receives financial support from individuals, foundations, and organizations. It receives no public money."

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