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Archaeology in Iran: could the Bulaghi dam project be a blessing in disguise? Salvage operation will benefit from mistakes of the past

"Between Pasargadae, the first capital of the Persian empire, and Persepolis, a road leads through a narrow gorge through a little valley called Bulaghi. A dam is under construction, scheduled to be finished this year, which will flood 20 square kilometres of the valley, raising the water level in the river that flows through it by several metres. The waters will rise to within six kilometres of the tomb of Cyrus, which is not itself at risk, nor are the palaces in the vicinity. At the request of the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation (ICHTO), archaeologists carried out emergency surveys of this area in 2003 and 2004..."

Author(s):  Boucharlat, Rémy
Publisher:  The Art Newspaper
Publication City:  London
Date:  Feb-05
Source:  The Art Newspaper