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Tell el-Amarna : Collection home page

"In addition to a mass of paper records, the core of the archive and the parts most in need of long-term storage in digital form are: the photographic negative stock of the Egypt Exploration Society from the years 1921 to 1936. The stock is part glass-plate and part celluloid. The former give better pictures, being grain-free. The number is estimated to be around 3500 and they are currently in store in the University Museum of Archaeology. the 35 mm colour slide collection of the current expedition, gathered every year since 1979. The total could be as many as 60,000. Much of the subject matter is also duplicated (though in far smaller numbers) on black and white film negative, some 35 mm and some larger-format. In store in the McDonald Institute. A growing stock of digitised maps, partly of the excavations and partly of architectural and topographic surveys. The aim is to create a digital GIS cover for the whole city. This is work in progress. The system used is ArcInfo/ArcMap. Held at the McDonald Institute and Pelican. The overall importance of the site and the current project stems from the city''s brief lifespan, of no more than twenty years, and the extent to which at least the foundations have survived in dry desert conditions. It offers a unique window into the nature of ancient Egyptian cities, and is also a prime source of information on the religious reforms of its founder, king Akhenaten. Currently this collection is under construction. "

Publisher:  Cambridge University
Publication City:  Cambridge
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