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Kilise Tepe : Collection home page

"Technological advances have inevitably overtaken the Kilise Tepe project during its lifetime. The majority of our archive consists of written paper records, hand-drawn plans, object illustrations and Black and White print and colour slide photographs. This archive is available to scholars who wish to use it, but obviously requires a visit to Cambridge – we do not currently have the resources to scan all this material and make it available digitally, desirable as that might be. The publication process, however, has meant that parts of the archive have become more digitally accessible, and we are keen to make these more generally available through DSpace and the Archaeology Data Service. The Project’s archive in DSpace consists of all the scanned photographs (as low resolution jpgs), the 12 interconnected FileMaker databases (in their original format and as csv files), pdf versions of the illustrations and other data in the form of tables, graphs, etc. from the monograph Excavations at Kilise Tepe, 1994-1998. We are also archiving the original scanned photographs, plates of drawings and plans, and the text of the monograph, although these will not be available on open access for the foreseeable future, so as not to undermine the commercial viability of the publication. If fieldwork resumes at the site we expect that more of the documentation of the project will be digitized from the start, with the use of digital cameras, scanners and drawing software, and that much more of our archive will be readily accessible through the databases and digital archives in the future."

Publisher:  Cambridge University
Publication City:  Cambridge
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