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Cuneiform Tablets

"...When Elizabeth B. Scott, former archivist of SDSU Archives and Special Collections, and Crystal Gamradt, Archives Associate, began sorting the numerous boxes, they discovered a small old, dusty box marked radioactive materials. After some discussion, they decided the box and its contents were most likely not radioactive. When they opened the box they discovered five clay Sumerian cuneiform tablets wrapped in tissue paper, complete with a translation. This translation is typewritten on a brittle, yellowed sheet of paper with the letterhead of Edgar J. Banks of Eustis, Florida. The translation dates the tablets at 2400-2100 B.C.E. It also includes the signature of Edgar J. Banks. (The tablet have been tested by the SDSU Environmental Safety Office and were found to not be radioactive.)..."

Author(s):  Gamradt, Crystal J
Format:  Article
Publication City:  Brookings SD