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The Beazley Archive

"The Beazley Archive (BA) is a research unit of the Faculty of Classics under the direction of Donna Kurtz, Professor of Classical Art and Fellow of Wolfson College. The original archive of Sir John Beazley, Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art from 1925 until 1956, was purchased for the faculty in 1965. On his death in 1970 it was brought to the Ashmolean Museum. Within a few years the personal archive of material relating to the study of classical archaeology and art was transformed into a research resource for students and senior scholars. It consisted of photographs, notes, drawings, books and impressions from engraved gems. The photographs of Athenian vases are the largest archive of this class in the world and were the basis of Beazley''s life''s work. "

Format:  Website
Publisher:  The University of Oxford (Beazley Archive)
Publication City:  Oxford
Date:  1997-