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Gender and Diversity in Place: Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Feminism and Classics. May 27-30. 2004, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

"For students of women and gender in antiquity, the “Feminism & Classics” conference series has become one of the principal opportunities to present new discoveries in a constantly expanding field of research. Inaugurated in 1992 with an event hosted by the University of Cincinnati and followed by meetings at Princeton University (1996), the University of Southern California (2000), and the University of Arizona (2004), these quadrennial scholarly gatherings are frequently also the venue where tensions emerging from the intersection of feminism and classical studies are first recognized, formulated, and debated. Interrelationships between personal experience, professional identity, and the critical “voice”; the actuality of perceived historical continuity in structures of oppression; weights to be assigned to race, ethnicity, class, and gender as objects of inquiry in Greco-Roman studies; application of queer theory along with feminist theory to broaden perspectives on ancient gender ideology; acculturation of the next generation of feminist classicists—these issues, which have preoccupied classicists during the past decade, were all initially broached at “Feminism & Classics” conferences. Such occasions accordingly tend to be acutely forward-looking in theme and objectives, taking cues from what is currently happening in the field and projecting developments well beyond present horizons..."

Author(s):  Skinner, Marilyn B., editor
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Diotima
Date:  2005