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The Works of Tacitus

"PRODUCTION NOTES: The Church and Brodribb translations of Tacitus were published by Macmillan in London in a series of editions between 1864 and 1877. There have been numerous subsequent reprints. These translations are in the public domain in the United States because they were published prior to January 1st, 1923. The electronic text of their translation of Annals and History, as well as the Latin etext of all of Tacitus, were already available. These are presented here with minor corrections and adjustment of paragraph numbering in a few cases so that the English and Latin match up. The English etexts of the three minor works (Germany, Agricola, and Oratory) were newly scanned, proofed and formatted at sacred-texts for this presentation. The parallel English/Latin text formatting was created using a custom C program at sacred-texts based on data files extracted from the various electronic texts. The 1942 Modern Library edition of Church and Brodribb was used as the copytext for the minor works and to correct problems in the existing etexts of the major works. Although there is a copyright renewal on this edition, the copyright office records (original 16Mar42; A162480, renewed 25Jul69; R466487) limit the copyright to ''NM [New Material]: pref., introd., chronology and glossary of place names.'' None of said identified new material was included in this electronic version. "

Author(s):  Church, Alfred John; Brodribb, William Jackson [ English translation]
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The Internet Sacred Text Archive