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Industrial Minerals in Antiquity in the Aegean: The ‘earths’ of the classical sources as well as miltos, stypteria (alumen), sulphur (theion) and other materials.

"This website aims to be a locus for information on research into industrial minerals in antiquity. Currently it provides a record of our progress of research which is presented by island.Islands investigated:Melos, Kea, Samos, LemnosThe exploitation in the Classical/Roman period, and probably earlier, of industrial minerals in the Aegean, including the ‘earths’ from various localities as well as sulphur, miltos and alumen, is known from Theophrastus, Pliny, Dioscorides and other Greek/Roman sources which highlight their varied applications and their importance as pigments, medicines or mordants."

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Publisher:  Universioty of Glasgow
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