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TanakhML Project

"TanakhML Project aims at providing scholars with efficient tools for travelling over the Bible in Hebrew, as well as with a common descriptive language for describing the structure of the Bible according to the Jewish masoretic tradition. Tanakh, in TanakhML, stands for Torah (תורה, or "Law"), Neviim (נביאים, or "Prophets") and Ketuvim (כתובים, or "Writings"), that is, for the Hebrew Bible, while ML stands for XML. TanakhML is thus, stricto sensu, that specific language, described according to the XML meta-language, used to express the structure of the Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh (Tanach), as formalised by the Jewish tradition, or Masorah. Think about TanakhML just like you do about MathML, the Mathematical Markup Language, FpML, the Financial products Markup Language, or even RecipeML, the Recipe Markup Language! "

Author(s):  Verboomen, Alain
Format:  Website
Date:  2006