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Assyrian Reliefs of Lachish

"These copyrighted images appear here courtesy of David Ussishkin from his 1982 book, "The Conquest of Lachish by Sennacherib" (still available in print, published by the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University). Judith Dekel made the drawings, & Avraham Hay took the photos. The excavator, Austen Henry Layard, originally numbered the alabaster panels 1-13 in-situ at Nineveh (Kouyunjik/Kuyunjik), but only 5-13 were salvaged (presently at the British Museum). Two of the corner panels & the final panel near the doorway were subdivided & the entire series is now numbered I-XIII (both numbering schemes are provided between the drawings & photos below along with British Museum catalogue numbers)..."

Format:  Website
Date:  2006