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"The tomb of the late Dyn. XIX King Amenmesse is No. 10 in the Valley of the Kings. It was among the few tombs accessible when Richard Pococke conducted his explorations in the late 18th century. Later, Jean Champollion and Richard Lepsius copied a few of the scenes, and in 1883 Eugene Lefebure made hand copies of the remaining accessible decoration. The poor state of the decoration and the mass of rubble introduced over the years by rain waters tended to hinder any large-scale exploration, though some 19th century explorers probed several areas within the tomb and there was some clearance of the entry area and first chambers by Edward Ayrton nearly a century ago. Many uncertainties regarding the tomb’s construction, decoration and use, plus many unresolved questions regarding Amenmesse, were all factors that made a complete clearance and investigation desirable ... A proposal to clear and study KV-10 was made in 1992 and an examination was begun on the very last day of 1992. Excavations began in the summer of 1993 and have been conducted every year since, except for 2002. In addition, there have been four winter study seasons..."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  The University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
Publication City:  Memphis