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ancient_near_eastern_world · The Ancient Near Eastern World

"This moderated list is for the discussion of all things pertaining to the scholarly study of the archaeology of the Ancient Near East. For the purposes of this list, the parameters of the Ancient Near East are defined as: The area extending from Egypt in the West, to Persia in the East, Asia Minor in the North, Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa in the South. Greco Roman and peripheral civilizations can be included only when relevant to discussion of the Ancient Near Eastern World.The time line will extend to circa 750 AD.Subjects of discussion can include: archaeology, history, languages, art, architecture, etc.Posting of messages is by members only. Membership is open to individuals interested in the exchange of ideas and information relevant to the ancient Near Eastern world. This list is not for the purposes of Biblical archaeology and therefore discussions on the list will not dwell on the historicity of the Bible. However, the Bible and Qur''an can be used only for linguistic purposes when relevant, as with any other source.This list will be moderated and will value firstly the member’s “scholarly behavior.” Insults will not be tolerated."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Yahoo Groups
Date:  2006