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Fasti Online Documents and Research (FOLD&R)

"Fasti On Line Documents and Research [FOLDR] is an on-line peer-reviewed journal containing reports, both preliminary and final, on excavations in Italy from 2000 onwards. The on-line review follows the same rules as printed journals, both from the academic and the juridical point of view. Articles can include specialist reports on individual aspects of the site. The texts are published in pdf format, and can be consulted on line using Acrobat Reader and downloaded for printing. The copyright remains that of the author, and texts may be republished by their authors in other journals, although the initial FOLD&R publication should be cited. The editorial board welcomes contributions, which will be reviewed by at least two members of the board. For the moment, only Italian sites are treated in the database: however, we hope to expand its scope over the next few years."

Format:  Journal
Publisher:  International Association for Classical Archaeology
Date:  2004-