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Classical Literature for Christian Research: Classical Documents for Christian Research: Classical Literature and Biblical parallels

From Humbul Humanities Hub: "This web page features a series of links to English translations of ancient texts (originating from Greece, Rome, and Egypt) which may be of use to those undertaking research into parallels between Biblical texts and stories featured in classical literature. As the full text of many of the works is included, these may also be of interest to anyone seeking online translations of the featured authors. Works which appear here are: Aristophanes'' ''Peace'', ''Clouds'' and ''Ecclesiazusae''; Euripides'' ''Bacchae''; Hesiod''s ''Theogony'' and ''Works and Days''; the Homeric Hymns; selected works of Plato; Herodotus'' Histories; and extracts from Catullus, Pausanias, Aristotle and Athenaeus, as well as a number of Egyptian texts. Several of the texts are accompanied by explanatory notes which draw parallels with Biblical material."

Format:  Website