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Pecus: Man and Animal in Antiquity: Proceedings of the conference at the Swedish Institute in Rome, September 9-12, 2002

"From the very beginning of civilization domestic animals constituted an undividable part in the life of human beings. Since then people have lived with animals in their daily life, for work and production, for transport of goods and men in war and peace, for ceremonial processions, as pets and faithful companions, and as symbols and metaphors for ideological concepts. The aim of the PECUS-conference at the Swedish Institute in Rome, September 2002, was to investigate the relation between man and animal in antiquity, going beyond the purely utilitarian aspects. This volume presents the results of the meeting, which gathered scholars from all over the world including a choice of academic disciplines and scholarly traditions."

Author(s):  Frizell, Barbro Santillo
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The Swedish Institute in Rome
Publication City:  Rome
Date:  2004
ISSN:  1824-7725
Series:  The Swedish Institute in Rome. Projects and Seminars, 1