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The Scholia Minora in Homerum: An Alphabetical List

"Dozens of fragments of ancient glossaries to the Homeric poems – so-called Scholia Minora in Homerum – have been found in Egypt, and most of the world’s important papyrological collections possess at least one, if not several specimens. They range from lists of words, chosen from a particular passage of the Iliad or Odyssey and jotted down on a separate sheet of papyrus, to professionally produced rolls or codices pertaining to one or more books of the poems. What they all have in common, though, and what distinguishes them from lexica, is the arrangement of their entries in the order of the Homeric text ... In a first attempt to remedy this situation and make this material available to myself and others, I compiled an alphabetical list of the lexeis, or Homeric words, glossed in the scholia minora..."

Author(s):  Lundon, John
Format:  Website