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Halley's comet of 87 BC on the coins of Armenian king Tigranes?

"Coins of Armenian king Tigranes II the Great (95-55 BC), silver and copper-bronze tetradrachms and drachms, clearly reveal a star with a tail on the royal tiara which may be associated with the Halley''s comet passage of 87 BC. If so, one has another case when astronomical events can be useful for historical chronological problems, this would be a far earlier record of Halley in Armenia than was previously known from chronicles and also one of the earliest known images of Halley''s comet."

Author(s):  Gurzadyan, V. G., R.Vardanyan
Format:  Article
Source:  Astronomy & Geophysics 45 (4, August), p.4.06, 2004