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CLAVDII CLAVDIANI CARMINA LATINA: Edidit breuique apparatu critico instruxit

"This page contains a virtual edition, with select apparatus criticus, of the Latin verse of Claudius Claudianus (approximate dates 370-404). Individual poems may be found using the indices listed above. The first lists them in the logical groups I have used to put them in separate files. The second (not yet ready) will list the poems by genre: panegyric, invective, epithalamium, and so on. These two are for browsing. If you are looking for a particular poem, you can use the other four indices to find it by title, by first line, or by the number in the now-standard edition of J. B. Hall (Leipzig, 1985) or the older edition of Th. Birt (Berlin, 1892). The Loeb numeration is essentially the same as Hall''s."

Author(s):  Hendry, Michael
Format:  Website