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Nederlands Instituut in Turkije - Hollanda Araştırma Enstitüsü - Netherlands Institute in Turkey

"The Netherlands Institute in Turkey (NIT) is a research institute dedicated to advancing academic research in Turkey. It conducts historical and archaeological research, and aims to stimulate and facilitate academic studies in Turkey, by scholars as well as students, from the Netherlands and other countries. Its scope entails the humanities and social sciences, with a special focus on those fields that bear on Turkey, Anatolia and the Near East. NIT maintains a well equipped scientific library and organizes lectures and symposia. The aim of the institute is to foster academic relationships between universities in both countries, for example by assisting universities with exchange programmes and organizing workshops and courses for students from Dutch and Turkish universities. Through the institute, the Turkish public can enroll in Dutch language classes in Istanbul. The NIT is a subsidiary institute of the Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO), Leiden, the Netherlands. In cooperation with the NINO, NIT publishes the annual journal Anatolica..."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Nederlands Instituut in Turkije