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The Orientations of the nine Tholos Tombs at Mycenae

"have been found at a single site. They span the period from LH ΙΙΑ to early LH IIIB (about 1525 to 1300/1275 B.C.). Their modern names derive from their locations (Εpanο Phournos, Kato Phournos, Panayitsa); from finds made in or near them (Lion Tomb, Tomb of the Genii); from architectural features (Cyclopean Tomb); or from members of the mythical ruling house of Mycenae (Aigisthos, Atreus, Klytemnestra). These names are purely traditional and have no particular significance with respect to the protohistory of the Aegean Late Bronze Age, and here they are simply numbered 1-9. Further details of the tombs can be found elsewhere."

Author(s):  Maravelia, Amanda-Alice
Format:  Article
Source:  Archaeoastronomy no. 27 (JHA, xxxiii (2002)