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"Nabonidus is a web application designed for Archaeological Excavation data storage, sharing, manipulation and analysis. It aims to revolutionize the way we as Archaeologists collect, analyze and interpret excavation data: Simple data collection -- all excavation data can be stored simply and easily in the Nabonidus database which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Complete data privacy -- all data is stored securely and excavations can mark their data as public or private as they see fit. Immediate results -- Nabonidus gives meaningful statistical feedback immediately upon entering data for your dig. Cross excavation analysis -- Nabonidus'' powerful search engine allows easy cross excavation analysis. Simple dig configuration -- Nabonidus allows you total control over what data your excavation needs to record and how private or public you would like that data to be. It''s free -- Nabonidus is free to any excavation run by a University, charitable or not-for-profit organisation. Commercial excavations will need to pay the a yearly subscription fee. Please go the Register page to sign up. You can be adding contextual data to your excavation within 5 minutes. Future versions -- a light weight version of Nabonidus for Pocket PCs is currently in development which will enable excavators to input data in real time from their trench. We are also extending the functionality of the search engine, trying to import as much public excavation data as we can as well as adding Harris Matrix and excavation management functionality."

Format:  Website
Date:  2006